Legal Age for Drinking in Chandigarh

Malaysia: The sale of alcohol to Muslims is prohibited, the legal age is 21 for non-Muslims to sell alcohol locally and externally. However, this reflects a wider social and cultural landscape where alcohol consumption is seen as a ticket to being part of a networked teen “club” of all schools in Delhi. It`s not just a gathering of boys and girls who are too zealous to enter an adult world early. Later, the children will apply to universities abroad and network, “always with the backs of others,” Sharma says. In most states, the minimum age to drink alcohol is less than 25. Nevertheless, the minimum drinking age in Punjab and Haryana is 25. It is appropriate, desirable and fully justified to maintain the current minimum age in Chandigarh. Lowering the age in Chandigarh would attract young people from other cities to drink. Gurugram: The Haryana government on Wednesday lowered the state`s drinking age from 25 to 21, with the state assembly passing an amendment to the Haryana Excise Act.

We believe that it is not practical to leave the drinking age at 25 when, in addition to the election, a significant number of people are already married and even have children. The age should ideally be 18, the voting age. But first, it must be reduced to 21 years with strict enforcement. In this case, underage drinkers must also be brought to justice and prosecuted for illegal entry and consumption. The problem today is corruption, with adult minors and even minors abusing the law, which is implausible at 25 anyway. Drunk driving laws must be strictly enforced, including entry and exit checks at affected restaurants. Restaurants serving wine and beer should be allowed to serve the drink to 18-year-olds. Restaurants should be blamed for stopping serving if they feel the customer is drunk. The Jessica Lal murder case is still on people`s minds, although age was not the factor, but drunk (with alcohol and political power) The Chandigarh administration should lower the age limit for alcohol consumption to 21 and ensure that it is strictly enforced to reduce the number of accidents and harassment outside pubs and hotels.

V K Beniwal, Assistant Commissioner for Excise and Taxation, Gurugram (East), called it a “good step”. “This is a good decision as Delhi has already reduced its age and had an impact on business in Gurugram. We strictly enforced the age rules for drinking alcohol and penalized several pubs and bars for entertaining underage customers. This decision will benefit permit holders and people in the age group, as they can now drink legally,” he said. Rahul Singh, a director of the National Restaurant Association of India (NRAI), said they thanked the Haryana government for the “significant change” in the legal drinking age imposed “during the British Raj in 1914”. Is the state then even an actor in the way citizens drink? They could be, to some extent, if they enforced the law in public places. In private spaces, it is really up to those who are over drinking age to regulate. The legal blood alcohol limit is 0.03%[46] or 0.03 mg of alcohol in 100 ml of blood. [47] Ashish Dev Kapoor, founder of Whisky Samba Bar and Grill, said it was a progressive initiative of the Haryana government. “If people are allowed to marry at 21, to vote, why can`t they drink legally? This will help people drink transparently and responsibly,” he said. Lalit Ahlawat, manager of the Soi7 pub and brewery at DLF Cyber City, said 21 was the right age to drink.

“Although all pubs and bars have followed the rules and regulations, this change will help young people enjoy it legally,” he said. Goa, on the other hand, has a casual consumer culture where people can have a drink or meet over a beer with their meal – even at the youngest age allowed to drink, 18 in the state. An official involved in finalizing UT`s excise tax policy reportedly said they had no plans to lower the legal drinking age in the city. However, a final call in this regard will be made by senior officials, including the UT advisor, he added. The minimum legal age for alcohol consumption (hard alcohol) is 25 years and for the purchase of alcohol is 18 years. [1] The minimum legal age for wine and beer consumption is 21 years, for other intoxicants or spirits 25 years. There are three districts in Maharashtra where the consumption and sale of alcohol has been completely banned. Wardha District, Gadchiroli District and Chandrapur District. United Kingdom: In the United Kingdom, a person can be arrested, fined or arrested by the police if they are under 18 and drink alcohol in public.