Are Axolotls Legal in Queensland

Medical researchers in Melbourne have lobbied the department to allow the importation of axolotls — sometimes called “Mexican migratory fish” — believing they could support research in regenerative medicine in humans. Although axolotls are very calm when left alone, they can be aggressive towards each other when excited, malnourished or crowded. Other inhabitants of the aquarium such as goldfish, small crustaceans and young axolotls are all potential foods if they migrate too close. Axolotls erupt in everything that is at hand, and fish can also nibble on the gills of the axolotl, so it is recommended not to keep other small animals in the aquarium. Dr. Godwin said the genetic background of axolotls in pet stores has never been known and that his research would require the importation of a special type of axolotl from the United States. Contact the Department of Environment and Heritage for advice on caring for native birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and water buffaloes. If you move to Queensland and own a prohibited pet, you can hand it over to the Queensland government, have it euthanized or give it to a friend. For example; Rabbits are legal pets in New South Wales, you may want to leave them with a friend before you move. If you are moving to Queensland or considering buying an exotic pet to keep as a pet, it is important to know which pets you are allowed to keep as pets. Some animals are allowed to be illegally kept in Queensland without a permit. Interestingly, axolotls are able to regenerate lost body parts over time. A property that proves useful given that they cut off each other`s limbs when they get too close! Although lively, axolotls do not have teeth large enough to harm their owners.

It is also very important not to take your axolotl out of the water. They are strictly amphibious, a point that should be clearly indicated to young children. Axolotls are very happy to lead a solitary existence. If treated, stressed or injured too often, axolotls can suffer from fungal or bacterial infections due to damage to the mucous membrane that covers their skin. These conditions can be treated with varying degrees of success with drugs available in pet stores. If these don`t work quickly, consult your veterinarian for stronger treatments. Prevention is better than cure, so stress must be kept to a minimum. The water temperature should remain fairly constant without overheating, as this can also promote fungal growth.

The ideal range is 14 to 18 degrees Celsius. Axolotls can sometimes be dewormed, but only if they seem to be affected. The best indicators of this are white and watery feces. Healthy and well-maintained axolotls will on average be between 12 and 15 years old, but it has been reported that they live up to 25 years. Dr Godwin, who submitted the application for inclusion of axolotls in Australia`s living import list, said the institute wanted to know more about the species and its incredible regenerative powers. Axolotls can be purchased at pet stores across Australia, but cannot be legally imported into the country. Also known as Mexican migratory fish, the word axolotl comes from the Aztecs and is said to mean “water puppet”. Scientifically known as Ambystoma mexicanum, axolotls are actually the larval stage of the salamander; An air-breathing amphibian, living in the earth, resembling a lizard. Axolotl pets usually remain at this larval stage indefinitely and are able to reach sexual maturity and reproduce. It is best to feed a small amount daily, although adults can survive feeding one to three times a week if they are given a proper diet. Water temperature also plays an important role in dietary needs.

Below 14 degrees Celsius and axolotl requires additional feeding, as the metabolism accelerates and does not slow down as in many other species. Favorite foods are earthworms, insects, small fish, crustaceans and tadpoles. These can be obtained in pet stores. If you feed live insects, make sure that they have not been exposed to chemical poisons. Granulated feed that sinks to the ground is also available from pet food retailers. As well as meals prepared with beef, heart and liver. It is best to feed the axolotls in the evening, when they are most active. There are two theories as to why axolotls remain in the larval state. First, that a genetic change has taken place to slow down thyroid activity, which limits growth and development. In its natural habitat, it may be safer for the axolotl to live in water than as a salamander on land. The second theory is that a low level of iodine in water can also delay thyroid activity. Although in some circumstances it is possible to promote the development of an axolotl into a salamander, this is not recommended and can actually harm the axolotl in the process.

Axolotls reach sexual maturity from about 12 months. If you are trying to grow axolotls, make sure that the pair is in a tank large enough to prevent cannibalism. There is no legal process; Males release spermatophores into the water and the female can pick them up and eventually lay about 200-600 eggs on the plants. The eggs hatch in two weeks, but the tadpole-shaped cubs will remain with the plants for another two weeks. At the age of two weeks, they begin to swim in search of food. Do not forget to take the adults out of the tank, because they will eat the young. Young axolotls also eat each other and mortality rates are very high, about 97%. Australia has a poor record of admitting exotic species such as rabbits and cane toads to the country. But in 2005, the Australian government investigated the risk of axolotls settling in the wild, and the risk turned out to be very low. Dr James Godwin of the Australian Institute of Regenerative Medicine said axolotls are able to regenerate bones, limbs and even parts of their heart and head when lost to predators. You should be aware of your legal responsibilities when moving livestock into Queensland`s beef tick areas.

Axolotls appear in five predominant colors; A speckled black/green is the wild-type color, while black, gold, white, and albino are also common. They have a tadpole appearance with a long tail. A fin extends from the back of the head to the tail and along the underside of the tail. They have four legs resembling lizards and a pair of feathered gills that adorn the head. Hopes that a bizarre type of water could lead Australian scientists to major medical breakthroughs rest with the Federal Department for the Environment. If you intend to keep 100 or more poultry, including caged birds, you will need to register your property. The Ministry of the Environment requested the submission of contributions before making a final decision. Axolotls are available in most pet stores and aquariums. Fact Sheets » Pets » Pet Road Tests » Others » Axolotls Breed: Axolotl Temperament: Calm but Antisocial Cost: $20 to $35 Lifespan: 12-15 years Maintenance: Low to Medium Recommended for: Teenagers, those who want something different Some imported animals have become serious pests in Queensland that attack pets and harm crops, the environment and the economy. If only one axolotl is housed, a 60 cm long tank is recommended. The minimum recommended size for a couple is 60-90 cm. Smaller tanks or circular bowls advance the axolotl, encouraging the swim bladder to grow on one side, which can harm them.

Plants and gravel should also be added. The gravel should be large enough not to be swallowed by the axolotl when feeding. When setting up an axolotl tank, large pebbles and ornaments are recommended. This will encourage movement and allow for distant hiding places. Use the best filtration you can afford, as this will help reduce cleaning efforts and prevent fungal infections. As with all tanks, the pH should be checked regularly. Once properly installed, the axolotl and its tank require little maintenance and are an excellent feature at home. You are not allowed to keep pets prohibited as pets in Queensland. Keeping a pet banned in Queensland is subject to penalties. These include: Native to Mexico but almost extinct in its natural environment, the axolotl has excited medical scientists for its ability to regenerate body parts.

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Are Abortions Legal in Africa

In 2018, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) published the Maputo Protocol in its Official Gazette, superordering the text to national laws.11 This measure, among other measures, such as the publication of a circular guaranteeing access to abortion care in accordance with the Protocol`s instructions, and the approval by the Ministry of Health of the standards and guidelines for the implementation of the Protocol`s guidelines in 2020, The Democratic Republic of Congo is the first country in French-speaking Africa to make sweeping changes to expand access to abortion care. Given that the population of the Democratic Republic of the Congo is the largest in Central Africa with 92.5 million inhabitants and the third largest in sub-Saharan Africa, these legal changes have important implications for a large percentage of the sub-region.12 1 Akinrinola Bankole et al., From Unsafe to Safe Abortion in Sub-Saharan Africa: Slow But Steady Progress, Guttmacher Institute (2020), The CGND and its international partners have improved and strengthened their message to policymakers as studies and analyses of both the context of abortion care and the legal landscape in the Democratic Republic of congo have highlighted the issue of safe abortion care. While the increase in the maternal mortality rate in the Democratic Republic of the Congo was highlighted in the 2009 and 2014 demographic and health surveys, the contribution of unsafe abortions to maternal mortality and its prevalence were lower in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Through a number of studies, including studies conducted in 2017 by the Guttmacher Institute and the University of Kinshasa, as well as the Ipas-backed Ministry of Health, advocates and government officials have not only gained a picture of the extent of abortion in the Democratic Republic of Congo (including in the public health system itself, where it has been proven to be performed in nearly a quarter of health facilities), but also the contribution of unregulated unregulated unsafe abortion care to the death of mothers.23 The vast majority of abortions in East Africa are dangerous in many circumstances due to widespread cultural stigma and criminalization of the procedure. The imperialist and racist global gag rule (which was recently repealed) and the Helms Amendment (which is still in force) have further disrupted health services, stigmatized abortion, and made it more difficult for civil society organizations and coalitions to function, effects that can last for a long time. Feminist groups and activists in the region are working to change this reality. A woman under the age of 18 is advised to consult her parents, but she may decide not to inform them or not to consult them if she wishes. A woman who is married or in a civil partnership is advised to consult her partner, but she may decide not to inform him or not to consult him. An exception is that if the woman is severely ill mentally or has been unconscious for a long time, the consent of a life partner, parent or guardian is required.

Advocates for legal access to abortion in French-speaking West and Central Africa face additional barriers faced by other countries on the continent. There is a greater lack of data on the frequency of abortions and their consequences in the French-speaking region, which contributes to a general lack of use of evidence in policy-making. The region has received less investment from foreign donors than other regions to support civil society, promote evidence-based policies, and advance international standards for gender equality, reproductive health, and human rights.18 Partly because of these factors, French-speaking West and Central Africa has the highest birth mortality rates in the world and rates. of the lowest contraceptive prevalence. some of the highest birth mortality rates in the world.19 This is a progressive step in terms of reproductive health and rights. Deciding to have an abortion has always been a difficult decision for women. In my experience, women generally view abortion as a last resort. It is a very difficult and emotional experience that has been exacerbated by legal restrictions. Abortion is a crime in El Salvador that has some of the most restrictive laws in the world. They prohibit abortion, even if the pregnancy endangers a woman`s life or health, or in cases of rape. The procedure has been prohibited without exception since 1998.

More than 180 women who have experienced obstetric emergencies have been prosecuted for abortion or aggravated homicide in the past 20 years. Women accused of abortion have been convicted of murder, sometimes with prison sentences of up to 40 years, Human Rights Watch said. The Abortion and Sterilization Act of 1975 (Act No. 2 of 1975) legalized abortion in certain circumstances. [1] Benin`s parliament has voted to legalize abortion in most cases, making it one of the few African countries to do so.

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Aquila Capital Legal Counsel

We are sorry, the position you are looking for at Aquila Capital on EuroLegalJobs has expired. We are a forward-looking company that combines concentration, foresight, ambition and independent corporate responsibility with team spirit and an excellent corporate climate in order to create synergies. In combination with the talents of our employees, these synergies are the key to the success of our company. AQUILA DEVELOPMENT PARTNERS (“ADP”) is a joint venture between investment and sustainability firm Aquila Capital and South Korean renewable energy company TopInfra Co. Ltd. The company focuses on the development and construction of photovoltaic (PV), wind and battery storage systems (BESS) projects in South Korea. You can either send us an unsolicited application or look for a suitable position. Good luck and we look forward to hearing from you. Have we aroused your interest? Ready for the next professional challenge, for the next career step? Would you like to work with us? Will you be part of the team? Browse our current job openings if you are interested in working with us. At Aquila Capital, we are looking for committed and committed people who thrive in an inclusive environment where everyone can succeed based on performance. We believe that no obstacle should prevent a person from reaching their full potential. Whether you are a recent graduate or a professional ready to take your career to a new level, we can offer you interesting and rewarding job opportunities in a highly collaborative and intellectually stimulating environment. We offer an entrepreneurial work environment and an agile and diverse atmosphere.

We still have a lot of jobs live. Click below for similar jobs in: For our Seoul office, we are looking for an experienced alternative investment company operating in a dynamic and complex sector, our reputation and success depend on our staff.

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Appearance of Impropriety Law

[5] Actual irregularities include violations of laws, judicial regulations or the provisions of this Code. The test for the appearance of inadequacy is whether the conduct would give the reasonable impression that the judge has violated this Code or engaged in any other conduct that impairs the honesty, impartiality, temperament or ability of the judge to act as a judge. Polls tell us that people are generally concerned that justice is for sale, but a similar majority does not want to change the current system. How do you explain the incongruity? Polls seem to tell us that people don`t care about their judges – the ones who elect them – but they are concerned about judicial elections in general. Maybe when the pollster asked a person if there was any semblance of inadequacy, many people think they should say yes because they don`t want to appear uninformed. Nevertheless, this is only a guess. (h) Remuneration, reimbursement and financial information. A judge may accept compensation and reimbursement of costs for legal and extrajudicial activities permitted under this Code if the source of payments does not give the impression of influencing the judge in the judicial functions of the judge or otherwise giving the appearance of insufficiency, subject to the following restrictions: The “appearance of insufficiency” must refer to the event from the perspective of an informed observer. If this is true, we must ask ourselves what is not inappropriate, but which seems inappropriate by someone who knows all the facts. It is difficult to develop a test that allows us to define this situation. Although Canon 2C only refers to membership in organizations that maliciously discriminate on the basis of race, gender, religion, or national origin, a judge`s membership in an organization that engages in harmful discriminatory membership practices prohibited by applicable law violates Canons 2 and 2A and gives the appearance of inadequacy. In addition, it would be a violation of canons 2 and 2A if a judge held a meeting in a club that he knew was maliciously discriminating on the basis of race, sex, religion or national origin in his membership or other policies, or if the judge regularly used such a club. In addition, the public manifestation of the judge`s deliberate consent to malicious discrimination on any basis gives the appearance of inadequacy according to Canon 2 and reduces public confidence in the integrity and impartiality of the judiciary, which violates Canon 2A.

Canon 4A (5). A judge can act effectively in all legal matters, including cases involving litigation and matters involving appearances before or other relationships with government agencies. In doing so, a judge may not abuse the reputation of the office in order to promote the interests of the judge or his or her family. It`s easy to think of “the appearance of inadequacy” as a reason for a general rule rather than a rule itself. For example, a rule that a judge must disqualify himself or herself in a case if he or she holds even a stake in a company involved in the litigation (by the way, this is the law for federal judges), is a rule that we justify by the “appearance of inadequacy.” We do not want a judge to decide a case based on the potential impact on his or her equity holdings, so we are telling the judge that the judge must always disqualify out of an abundance of caution. This rule is also a clear line rule. It is easy to apply and easy to apply. The “appearance of inadequacy” is an unusual concept.

He tells us that something is not inappropriate, but seems to be. Does this seem inappropriate for someone who knows all the facts or someone who is not well informed? If it were the latter, there would be a lot of inappropriate appearances. For example, suppose a disgruntled person sues John Roberts, the correspondent for Fox News (formerly CBS and CNN), for defamation. Defamation cases raise questions of free speech, and let`s assume that this case is taken to the U.S. Supreme Court. If that is the case, we could have a situation where John Roberts, the Chief Justice, would decide a case called John Doe v. John Roberts. The uninformed person (the one who simply makes headlines or surfs the Internet) would conclude that the Chief Justice is involved in a semblance of inadequacy because he decides his own case. The informed person knows that there is no problem. [1] Public confidence in the judiciary is undermined by inappropriate behaviour and behaviour that gives the impression of being inappropriate. This principle applies to both the professional and personal conduct of a judge.

Canon 2A A semblance of inadequacy occurs when reasonable minds who know all the relevant circumstances discovered by a reasonable investigation would conclude that the honesty, integrity, impartiality, temperament or ability of the judge to act as a judge are impaired. Public confidence in the justice system is undermined by irresponsible or inappropriate behaviour by judges, including harassment and other inappropriate behaviour in the workplace. A judge must avoid any insufficiency or appearance of inadequacy. This prohibition applies to both professional and personal conduct. A judge should expect to be subject to constant public scrutiny and to freely and voluntarily accept restrictions that might be considered incriminating by the ordinary citizen. Since it is not possible to list all prohibited acts, the prohibition is necessarily formulated in general terms that extend to judicial conduct that is prejudicial, although they are not expressly mentioned in the Code. Actual irregularities under this Standard include violations of laws, court rules or other specific provisions of this Code. On the other hand, it is much more difficult to imagine the “appearance of inadequacy” as a rule, because the rule is simply too vague. To tell a judge that he should be disqualified because something is not really inappropriate for someone who knows all the facts, but seems “inappropriate” for others, is to impose a rule that, frankly, is quite elusive. Canon 4H A judge is not required by this Code to disclose income, debts or investments, except as provided in this canon. The Ethics Reform Act 1989 and the implementing provisions issued by the Judicial Conference impose additional restrictions on obtaining compensation from judges. These laws and regulations should be consulted before a judge reaches an agreement on the receipt of compensation.

The restrictions imposed in this way include, but are not limited to: (1) a prohibition on receiving “honoraria” (defined as something of value received for a speech, appearance or article), (2) a prohibition on receiving remuneration for services as a director, trustee or officer of a for-profit or not-for-profit organization, (3) a requirement that remunerated teaching activities receive prior authorization; and (4) a restriction on the receipt of “income from external activity”. (b) where circumstances so require, permit unilateral notification for timely, administrative or urgent purposes, but only if the unilateral communication does not address material matters and the judge has reasonable grounds to believe that neither party will obtain a procedural, material or tactical advantage as a result of the unilateral notification; (c) other political activities. A judge should not engage in other political activities. This provision does not prevent a judge from participating in the activities described in Canon 4. (d) consult separately with the parties and their legal counsel, with the consent of the parties, in order to mediate or resolve outstanding issues. Appropriate measures may include direct communication with the judge or lawyer, other direct actions, if any, reporting the conduct to the competent authorities or, if the judge considers that the conduct of a judge or lawyer is caused by drugs, alcohol or illness, a confidential referral to an assistance program. Appropriate measures may also include responding to a subpoena or cooperating with or participating in judicial or legal disciplinary proceedings; A judge must be open and honest with disciplinary authorities. A pro tempore judge is a person who is appointed to act temporarily as a judge or as a special master. A decade ago, the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin focused on crime reports and contributions to the judiciary`s campaign. He found no correlation between campaign donations and favoritism to defraud lawyers for plaintiffs who had contributed to the Illinois Supreme Court justices` legal campaigns. Plaintiffs have lost nearly two-thirds of the offense cases the judges have decided since February 2001, even though the plaintiffs` lawyers have contributed heavily to the Democratic-controlled Illinois Supreme Court.

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Anti Tamper Legal

Before purchasing, ask the seller if the vehicle complies with all federal and state laws to manipulate the emissions system. Next, look for the VeCI (Vehicle Emissions Control Information) label under the hood of the vehicle. This label identifies most of the emission control systems that were installed during the manufacture of the vehicle. A routing diagram shall be displayed next to the VECI label indicating where the emission control devices on the engine are located. If the seller is familiar with the vehicle, have all the equipment, including the catalytic converter, shown to you. If the seller is not familiar with the vehicle`s engine, ask if the vehicle can be taken to a repair shop so that it can be checked. It`s a good practice to bring a used vehicle you want to buy from a repair technician you trust. Some people believe that removing emission equipment can improve vehicle performance or reduce maintenance costs. The reality is that handling emission systems often leads to handling problems, reduces performance, leads to increased long-term maintenance costs and shortens engine life. Federal law prohibits the sale or transfer of ownership of a motor vehicle unless all air pollution control systems are in place and in working order. Vehicles sold “as is” or without warranty must also comply with tamper protection laws. Tampering with or selling a vehicle that has been tampered with can result in fines. Components of a vehicle`s emission control system that can be manipulated include: Yes.

If a repair facility completes, supports, or participates in manipulation initiated by someone else, it has also violated state and federal manipulation laws. To protect yourself from the consequences of selling or accusing yourself of selling a compromised vehicle, you should develop a checklist of emission control systems that you and the consumer can check before buying a vehicle. Earlier this week, a parliamentary debate was held to discuss the implementation of vehicle handling laws. The big idea of the debate was that the implementation of the rules will not be retroactive, at least for the time being. No. The exchange transaction is considered a sale, and this action would violate the anti-manipulation law. If a customer offers you a compromised vehicle for sale, you must tell them that the emission systems handled must be repaired before accepting the vehicle. You can offer to repair the vehicle if you are able to make the necessary repairs and calculate the repair costs under the exchange agreement. If you remove, disconnect, disconnect, deactivate, modify, reprogram or make less efficient or use less efficient spare parts of an exhaust gas cleaning device installed by the manufacturer, you have committed the manipulation. This includes installing spare parts that do not meet manufacturers` specifications, reprogramming computer components, or installing power chips to bypass or bypass factory settings.

Yes. However, if you replace a part that is not the right part for that vehicle and emission system, you will need to reinstall the right parts in the vehicle. If you perform work on a part of the vehicle that has already been tampered with, you must carry out the correct repair or not do it at all, so as not to be held responsible for the falsification. This applies regardless of the age or mileage of the vehicle and applies to any motor vehicle designed to meet federal emission standards The Federal Anti-Tampering Act, Pub.L. No. 98-127, 97 Stat. 831, October 13, 1983, created Section 1365 of Title 18, United States Code, which criminalizes the handling of consumer goods or related driving. It was published in response to Tylenol poisoning deaths in the Chicago area in the fall of 1982. This has clarified and the regulations instead target safety and emission systems and those that regulate the autonomous driving and control functions of vehicles.

It has also been confirmed that the changes will not be retroactive (meaning you cannot inherit an illegal vehicle) and that both conventional and historic vehicles will be protected from the rules. Handling can cause a vehicle to emit a hundred to a thousand times more pollution than it should. The EPA found that checks on more than 500,000 diesel pickup trucks, or about 13 percent of vehicles originally registered certified with emissions checks, were completely removed or removed by falsification. The excess NOx emissions generated by these vehicles are the same as if we added an additional 9 million trucks to our roads and took advantage of Maryland`s efforts to keep the air clean nationwide. Under the Clean Air Act, automakers are required to provide a warranty on emission control equipment for five years or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first. However, if a vehicle`s emission controls have been tampered with, the manufacturer will not comply with the vehicle`s warranty. Others manipulate emitting power plants to “roll” coal by emitting visible black smoke. Manuals with emission control charts for most foreign and domestic vehicle makes and models are available for purchase.

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Annual Leave as per Labour Law in South Africa

The Constitution goes even further by providing children with additional protection against abusive labour practices – § 28(1)(e) and (f). Even if you are asked to leave the premises where you live, you can still challenge the dismissal using the Industrial Relations Act or any other law. As with other disputes, those related to alleged unfair labour practices must first be referred to the CCMA for arbitration. If the dispute is still not resolved after conciliation, the parties may apply to the Labour Court for a decision or arbitration if the parties so agree. The tribunal has a wide margin of appreciation and may resolve the dispute on such terms as it deems appropriate, including, but not limited to, ordering restoration of rights or compensation. If an employee takes their annual leave at another time of the year, the downtime is treated as leave without pay. What happens in cases where an employee who started work in November of last year, the employer was closed for a period of 12 days during the Christmas period and the employee was allowed to take 12 days of paid leave for the downtime even if he had not yet accumulated this amount? Unfortunately, the answer is no – because in this particular case, the employee never “took leave” – he went on paid leave with the consent of the employer. The only (oral) agreement between the employer and the employee was that the employer allowed the employee to take 12 days of paid leave even if he had not yet accumulated annual leave in his account. There was no agreement in which the employee agreed that he would “reimburse” the leave granted to the employer if he or she left the employment relationship before accumulating sufficient annual leave to cover the “early leave”. Another method of calculating annual leave is provided for by law, and it seems that the intention of the legislator in providing this alternative method of calculation was to provide a simple way of calculating annual leave for temporary or fixed-term workers. The Basic Conditions of Employment Act 75 of 1997 regulates working time, leave, termination of employment, records and the prohibition of child labour in South Africa. The Industrial Relations Act regulates freedom of association, collective bargaining, strikes and lockouts, and other forms of industrial action. According to § 20 Abs.

11 prohibits paying annual leave to a worker, except in the event of termination of the employment relationship. Calculation of the delimitation of leave – 1.25 days per month or 1.5 days per month. If the employee works a five-day week, the annual leave of 1.25 days per month applies, and if the employee works a six-day week, the annual leave is at the rate of 1.5 days per month. The annual leave cycle refers to the period of 12 months of employment with the same employer immediately after the beginning of an employee`s employment or the end of that employee`s previous leave cycle. The Registrar of Labour Relations has the discretion to dismiss an application for registration of a union within the meaning of the Act. However, this discretion is strictly regulated by law. The LRA also allows a union to appeal the Chancellor`s decision to the Labour Court. Since south Africa`s democratization after April 1994, the country`s labour law has been one of the first areas of law to be reformed. The main labour laws of South Africa are as follows: The purpose of sick leave is to ensure that you do not have to work during illness and risk your health and that of your colleagues. During the first year of employment, you are entitled to one paid sick day per 26 working days.

Those who work a five-day week are entitled to 30 days of sick leave in a sick leave cycle and if you work a six-day week, you are entitled to 36 days of sick leave in a sick leave cycle. Unused sick leave expires at the end of the sickness cycle. Many employers have a shutdown period in December. If this is the case, the employer is entitled to prescribe that the annual leave must be taken at the same time as the downtime. This situation led to the strike in 1922, one of the turning points in the history of South African workers. The result of this strike was the adoption of the Industrial Conciliation Act in 1924. This Act was the direct precursor to the Industrial Conciliation Act of 1956, which was later renamed the Labour Relations Act of 1956. With regard to this law, unions representing white workers were recognized, while a separate system for black workers was created. An employee has the right to take cumulative leave on consecutive days in an annual leave cycle. The employer must grant annual leave no later than six months after the end of the annual leave cycle. There is also a right to a minimum number of sick days with full pay. An employee is entitled to one paid sick day per 26 working days during the first four months of employment and thereafter to 30 days of paid sick leave per 36 months (the leave cycle).

An employer is required to grant paid sick leave of more than two days or more than one day only if more than two absences have occurred within eight weeks if the employee presents a valid medical certificate issued by a physician. An employee who is a parent of a child is entitled to at least 10 consecutive days of unpaid parental leave. A worker may begin parental leave on the day of the birth of his or her child; or the date on which the adoption decision is rendered; or that a child is in the care of a prospective adoptive parent by a court of competent jurisdiction until an adoption order for that child is made, whichever comes first. Point 2(1) of Annex 7 to the LRA recognises the concept of `remaining unfair labour practices`. The law defines the term as any unfair act or omission that occurs between the employer and the employee and that involves full-time employees who have been employed by an employer for more than four months; and who work for that employer for at least four days a week are entitled to 3 days of paid family leave per year if the employee`s child was born or ill, or if the spouse or partner, adoptive parent, grandparent, child, adopted child, grandchild or the employee`s brother or sister dies. The holiday period for family responsibility may be different in a collective agreement. (a) the employee`s rate of pay immediately before the beginning of the annual leave; and in 1994, the Ministry of Labour appointed a ministerial legal task force to draft new labour laws, and The Industrial Relations Act 66 of 1995 was born and entered into force on 11 November 1996. The law heralded a new era in South African labour law. Please check with your HUMAN RESOURCES department to see if your company has covered the 10-day paternity leave and associated conditions. The Basic Conditions of Employment Act applies to all employers and employees in South Africa and regulates public holidays, hours of work, employment contracts, deductions, pay slips and dismissals. Labour issues are dealt with by the Labour Courts and the South African Labour Court of Appeal. The leave must be taken no later than 6 months after the end of the annual leave cycle.

You can only be paid for unpaid leave when you leave your job. An employee is entitled to six weeks of paid sick leave over a period of 36 months. For the first six months, an employee is entitled to one paid sick day per 26 working days. An employer may require a medical certificate before paying an employee who is absent or absent frequently for more than two consecutive days. § 22-24 of the Labour Code, as amended in 2020. Calculation of the accumulation of annual leave – 1 hour for 17 hours worked You can take up to 21 uninterrupted days of annual leave or, by appointment, 1 day per 17 working days or 1 hour per 17 hours of work. If a statutory holiday falls during a period during which an employee is on annual leave and the holiday falls on the day the employee would normally work, the employee is entitled to an additional day of annual leave for each of those holidays. Labour Court judges are usually appointed from among labour law specialists (lawyers or practising lawyers) and, in some cases, by suitably qualified academics.

The judges of the Labour Court of Appeal must also be judges of the High Court of South Africa. CCMA commissioners, unlike labour court judges, do not need to have legal qualifications.

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Analisis Del Entorno Politico Legal

The ideology of the ruling political party determines the legal environment in which the company must develop. This environment can be analyzed from two axes: political stability and expressions of power that result in laws, resolutions, decrees, ordinances, etc. For this reason, given the importance of the legislation in force in this environment, most authors call it the political-legal environment. A very clear example of the importance of studying the political environment of the company in order to design a strategic© plan± is that of companies located in free zones. These factors include both the political aspects of the country in which the company operates and the factors that constitute the legal framework of that country. If a company decides to launch an internationalization strategy (which means that it will compete in countries other than the country of origin), it is very important that it receives information about its political structure (especially if the country maintains some political stability) and legal (for example, competition regulation). Some examples of political-legal factors important for the enterprise may be: competition law (laws on monopolies), commercial law (which regulates the operation of commercial enterprises in their various forms: anonymous, limited, cooperative, labor law), labor law (labor market regulation and protection of workers), consumer protection legislation, legislation on the quality and safety of products and services, legislation on environmental protection, energy consumption, tax policy, subsidy and state aid policy, social and equality policy and political stability (government situation, opposition party policy, etc.). The political environment, along with economics, sociodemographic and technology (PEST), forms the macro or general environment of a company. Among these macrovariates, some authors also©include the environment.

This policy has radically changed the business environment for healthcare companies from low demand paying high prices to high demand at low prices. The variables of the political environment that influence the existence and profitability of a company act from the different levels of governmental organization (international, state, federal or autonomous and local). These include the following: The political environment of a company refers to the institutional context that exists in the society in which a particular company operates. This context influences the operation and viability of businesses. It is an element outside the company; Therefore, it cannot control it. Here are some examples of elements of the political environment and how they affect the company: Technique to perform the analysis of the general framework and identify opportunities and threats to the company by grouping the factors of the environment into: political-legal factors, economic factors, sociocultural factors and technological factors. Finally, technological factors are linked to the impact that new information and communication technologies can have on companies. In this case, a distinction should be made between the technological factors of the general environment (which affect any type of business) and the technological factors of the competitive environment (this is a specific technology applied to a particular sector or industry). Technological factors in the general environment include public spending on R+D+i (research, development and innovation), patent and trademark development, government and industry attention to technological efforts, new discoveries and developments in processes, products, services and techniques, speed of technology transfer and obsolescence rates. The main actors in this environment are government agencies, political parties and interest groups. Depending on their performance, it can be said that they favor or restrict the business sector.

However, depending on the size± of the company or its industry, this can influence its political environment. There is therefore a correlation between the political environment and the company. The analysis of the political environment is fundamental in the preparation of the strategic©plan of a business project. Institutional organization directly affects the ability of companies to influence their political environment. In highly decentralized societies, companies have better access to actors in the political environment. Often, social upheavals triggered by pro-rights protests are accompanied± by violent riots and looting that destabilize the economy and cripple consumption. Egypt and Syria are two examples of such situations. The difference is so large that a business could survive in a free zone subject to a 15% tax, but would not be profitable or profitable in a scenario where it would have to bear a tax burden of 35%. This applies in particular to companies operating internationally, as the emergence of world powers or international agreements between countries can limit their competitiveness in the market. If you have written this article and are not yet registered with RePEc, we recommend that you do so here. This allows you to link your profile to this item. It also allows you to accept potential quotes on this point that we are not sure about.

El ambiente polÃtico de una determinada sociedad puede variar y las empresas deben estar preparadas para hacer frente a los posibles efectos que esto pueda provocar en el desarrollo de su actividad. Estas determinan la manera en la que la empresa se relaciona con sus elementos internos, como son el humano (legislación laboral) y su propio capital (normas fiscales y mercantiles). If you know of any missing elements that cite this, you can help us create these links by adding the relevant references in the same way as above for each SEO element. If you are a registered author of this article, you can also check the “Quote” tab in your RePEc Author Service profile, as some quotes may be awaiting confirmation. This group includes a wide variety and heterogeneity of factors. Cultural factors include, but are not limited to, the level of education, the relationship between the education system and enterprise and society, and continuing education and retraining. The social factors to be analysed may be demography (ageing population, birth rate, population distribution, impact of immigration, etc.), income distribution, social mobility, lifestyle changes, work-life balance, attitudes towards work and leisure or consumption. Political stability is fundamental to a country`s economy. In countries where political instability is or in basic situations, investment slows© down, both abroad and at home. On the other hand, the social unrest associated with this type of situation paralyzes or slows down a country`s consumption.

This element includes the specific legal provisions that govern the operation of companies. The creation of supranational bodies may refer to a country`s legislation in©terms of trade, social policy, etc., which will ultimately affect the operation of the enterprise. The case of the United States is very striking in this regard. The United States is governed by Republicans and Democrats, with large differences in the political orientation of the two parties. The political orientation of the ruling party has a strong impact on the functioning of companies in©terms of taxes, public spending, etc. With the adoption of Bill 100, many companies dedicated to the provision of health services (optics, clinical laboratories, dental clinics, etc.) were created. Although they received a low price for their service, the demand was constant and widespread to be accessible to the entire population. Here are some examples of rules that specifically affect the business: Objective: To know the line inherent in Mexican government spending and how it is funded.

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American Honda Legal Department

If you have any questions or press inquiries about the HondaJet, please contact Honda Aircraft Company. Divorce and family law, custody, family allowances, maintenance and spousal support, adoption, your Honda dealer will be happy to help you meet your needs. If you would like to comment on your motorcycle, scooter, ATV, personal watercraft or dealer experience, please contact the motorcycle department. Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility, Inclusion and Diversity, American Honda Motor Co., Inc. Vice President, National Operations and Sales, American Honda Finance Corporation If you need help with Honda Performance Development or Honda Racing, please contact HPD Sales and Support. General Counsel and Vice President of Law and Intellectual Property, American Honda Motor Co., Inc. In 2020, Honda North America, Inc. merged and was integrated into AHM as part of a corporate restructuring, and the Law Division became part of AHM. At the same time, Mr. McEvilly assumed the additional responsibility of leading the company`s corporate affairs division, which is responsible for communications, philanthropy, government relations, diversity and inclusion.

McEvilly is also a former board member of the Eagle Rock School & Professional Development Center, a year-round high school founded by American Honda near Estes Park, Colorado, for students from across the United States who have not succeeded in traditional academic settings but remain interested in taking control of their lives and learning. Assistant Vice President and Regional Planning Division Manager, American Honda Motor Co., Inc. During her career at Honda, Ms. McEvilly has supported the operations of almost every sector of the company and has personally dealt with a variety of issues in areas such as complex supplier litigation, dealer relations, antitrust issues, employment issues, and compliance and corporate governance issues. She was also involved in the founding of Honda Patents & Technologies, where she served as General Counsel from 2008 to 2012. If assistance is required for Honda GX Commercial, GC Residential or Mini 4-stroke engines, please contact Customer Service. In 2020, McEvilly also became an advisory member of Honda`s North American Regional Advisory Board. In addition to her role at Honda, McEvilly was appointed to the National Urban League (NUL) Board of Directors for a three-year term in 2018, the first Honda employee to serve on the National Board. She was reappointed as Trustee in 2021 and is currently a member of nul`s Executive Committee, audit committee and chair of the development committee. Vice President, Product Regulatory Office, American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

Chief Executive Officer, Honda Innovations, Honda R&D Innovations, Inc. Senior Vice President, Purchasing and Supply Chain Center, Honda Development & Manufacturing of America, LLC Divorce and Family Law, Wills and Estates, Debt Collection, Contract, Litigation Discrimination, Employee rights, Sexual harassment, Unlawful dismissal, Employment. Criminal law, traffic, litigation, dispute resolution, transport and shipping. Employment, lawsuits and litigation, criminal law, personal injury, collection tax, litigation, estate planning, trusts, seniors` law. Get answers to questions about vehicle maintenance, technology and more, all in one convenient place. Honda Automobile Customer Service is happy to help you with Honda automotive issues in the United States, but we cannot answer questions about non-Americans. Produce. Please call the appropriate customer relations group directly: Senior Manager, Government and Industrial Relations, American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

Divorce, Family Law, Child Benefits, Marriage Contracts, Child Care Your local Acura dealer is the first point of contact for any questions or concerns regarding your Acura vehicle. This includes information about product recalls and campaigns. For quick assistance, please contact Acura Automobile Customer Service. McEvilly holds a J.D. from the loyola School of Law in Los Angeles and a B.A. in History from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Cathy McEvilly is Senior Vice President of Legal and Regulatory Affairs at American Honda Motor Co., Inc. (AHM) and Honda`s North American Compliance Officer and Co-Chair of the North American Diversity Steering Committee. She is also a member of the North American Regional Operating Council.

We invite you to follow your dreams and explore career opportunities at Honda Corporate today. Divorce and Family Law, Custody, Divorce, Domestic Abuse and Neglect, Landlord-Tenant Bankruptcy, Divorce, Estate Planning, Car Accident, Asylum. Send an email with your question and a Honda representative will get back to you soon. President, Chief Executive Officer and Deputy Director Honda Motor Co., Ltd. McEvilly joined Honda`s legal division in October 1994 and served as General Counsel from 2009 to March 2022. In April 2022, McEvilly assumed oversight of the Legal & Regulatoric division, consisting of the Law and Intellectual Property business unit and the Product Regulatory Office. Honda Automobile Customer Service is available to answer questions and concerns about your Honda vehicle in the United States. You can contact us in several ways: President and CEO, American Honda Motor Co., Inc. and CEO, Regional Operations (North America), Honda Motor Co., Ltd. Would you rather talk? Our dedicated team of representatives is able to speak online during our business hours: Monday through Friday, 6:00 a.m.

to 5:00 p.m. Pacific.

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Am a Legal Permanent Resident

In order for the applicant to prove that he or she has been legally admitted to permanent residence, he or she must have met all the conditions for admission as an immigrant for the adjustment of status. [4] An applicant will not be legally admitted to permanent residence in accordance with all applicable provisions of the INA if their LPR status was obtained through fraud, deliberate misrepresentation or if the admission was not in accordance with the law. [5] Such an applicant is not eligible for naturalization under INA 318. INA 245, 8 CFR 245 – Adapting the status of a non-immigrant to the status of a person admitted to permanent residence A CPP alone is not sufficient to prove that the applicant has been lawfully admitted to permanent residence in accordance with all applicable provisions of the INA. Lawful permanent residents (LPRs), also known as “green card” holders, are non-citizens who have the legal right to live permanently in the United States. LPRs can accept an offer of employment without special restrictions, own property, receive financial support at public colleges and universities, and enlist in the armed forces. They can also apply to become U.S. citizens if they meet certain admission requirements. The Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) provides for several broad categories of admission for foreigners in order to obtain LPR status, the most important of which focuses on the admission of immigrants for the purpose of family reunification. Other broad categories include economic and humanitarian immigrants, as well as immigrants from countries where immigration to the United States is relatively low. You will continue to have U.S.

citizenship status under this test unless: [^91] See Koloamatangi Case, 23 I&N Dec. 548 (BIA 2003). See Injeti v. USCIS, 737 F.3d 311, 316 (4th Cir. 2013) (To meet the burden of proof of lawful admission to permanent residence, an applicant must “do more than simply prove that he or she has obtained LPR status; he must also prove that the status was granted “in accordance with the substance of immigration laws”. See Walker v. Holder, 589 F.3d 12, 20 (1 Cir. 2009). See De la Rosa v. U.S.

Dep`t of Homeland Sec., 489 F.3d 551 (2nd Cir. 2007). See Savoury v. U.S. Att`y General, 449 F.3d 1307, 1313 (11th Cir. 2006). See Arellano–Garcia v. Gonzales, 429 F.3d 1183 (Cir. 8, 2005). See Longstaff case, 716 F.2d 1439 (5th Cir. 1983).

See Kyong Ho Shin v. Holder, 607 F.3d 1213, 1217 (Cir. 9, 2010). See INA 212(a)(6)(C)(i). See Volume 8, Admissibility, Part J, Fraud and Deliberate Misrepresentation, Chapter 3, Inadmissibility Decision [8 USCIS-PM J.3]. With effect from 30 September 1996, the Illegal Immigration Reform and Accountability Act (IIRIRA) added new or amended grounds for inadmissibility. [57] If the Applicant was admitted as an LPR or adapted to LPR status prior to the effective date of a particular provision of IIRIRA, he or she was not subject to the new or amended grounds of inadmissibility of that provision. In general, if the applicant became an LPR before September 30, 1996, he would still be considered legally admitted to permanent residence, even if he had been declared inadmissible under IIRIRA. When will permanent residents be able to apply in the United States? Citizenship? [^ 73] Regardless of their travel abroad, an applicant may still be legally admitted to permanent residence if the law of the county in which the applicant resided at the time of the adjustment of status considers GST to be an admission for the purposes of adjustment of status under INA 245(a), as long as the applicant remained in TPS at the time of the adjustment. See Flores v.

USCIS, 718 F.3d 548 (6th Cir. 2013). See Ramirez v. Brown, 852 F.3d 954 (9 Cir. 2017). If you are a conditional permanent resident, you must use Form I-751 (Application for Exemption from Residency Requirements). If you know you will be staying outside the United States for an extended period of time, you can apply for a return permit before you leave. A return permit is usually issued with a validity of 2 years and does not guarantee that you will be allowed to enter the United States, but it can help justify your intention to permanently reside in the United States. Therefore, a GST recipient who has resided in the United States without having been inspected and approved or inspected and pardoned and who has subsequently obtained an adjustment of status in accordance with INA 245(a) will not be considered legally admitted to permanent residence within the meaning of INA 318, unless: a GST recipient who has traveled to the United States without inspection and approval or inspection and probation, However, is generally considered legally admitted to permanent residence for the purposes of INA 318 if he or she was otherwise eligible for legal permanent residence at the time of adjustment, in cases where the GST recipient: As a U.S. citizen, you may request that certain parents immigrate to the United States. Your spouse, unmarried children under the age of 21 and parents are considered immediate parents and do not have to wait to obtain permanent resident status (beyond the application processing time and interview process).

Your married children and children over the age of 21, as well as your siblings, are considered privileged parents and may be placed on a waiting list to immigrate. The waiting period for siblings can be several years. [^ 121] See INA 212(e). To be eligible for an immigrant visa or legal permanent residence, certain J-1 and J-2 nonimmigrant exchange visitors must have resided and be physically present in their country of citizenship or last country of foreign residence for at least 2 years after leaving the United States. See the application for exemption from the requirement to stay abroad (pursuant to section 212(e) of the Immigration and Nationality Act, as amended) (Form I-612). See INA 214(l). An applicant who has renounced his LPR status is not entitled to naturalization. [20] In order to be naturalized under most provisions of immigration legislation,[21] an applicant must be legally admitted to permanent residence and have retained LPR status throughout the naturalization process. [22] The USCIS may consider all evidence relevant to the task in assessing whether the applicant is eligible for naturalization. Click on the links below to profile the selected demographics of immigrants who were legally permanent residents during the fiscal year.

Profiles are available by country of birth, country of residence and statistical field of residence. An applicant should have several ties[49] to the United States that justify the intention to reside permanently in the United States, for example: the refugee was legally admitted to permanent residence if the admission was otherwise legal. A non-citizen of the United States may be naturalized without giving rise to legal admission to permanent residence if he or she becomes a resident of a state[154] and meets all other applicable requirements of naturalization laws. These nationals are not foreigners within the meaning of the INA and do not have a PRC. [155] There are certain circumstances in which a derivative may not have been granted legal permanent residence based on the author`s status and would therefore not be eligible for naturalization, including: after a non-citizen has applied for LPR status (either adjustment of status or immigrant visa), but before he or she is granted an adjustment of status or admitted as an LPR in the United States, he may face new or additional circumstances that make him unfit or ineligible for LPR status. In such situations, the officer may have disregarded new or additional facts when approving the adjustment application or entering the United States on an immigrant visa. Therefore, for the purposes of INA 318, USCIS does not presume that a naturalization applicant is legally admitted to permanent residence if facts occurring after the filing date of the LPR application show that they were inadmissible or otherwise ineligible for LPR status. Permanent residents receive a “foreigners` registration card,” which is unofficially called a green card (because the card was green at one point). You can use your green card to prove your eligibility for employment and apply for a social security card. Where an inadmissible applicant was required to obtain a waiver of inadmissibility and no waiver was approved or inadmissible on a ground for which there was no waiver, the applicant was not legally admitted to permanent residence. [81] The reasons why an applicant may be inadmissible are set out in the following table. As a general rule, applications for naturalization cannot be accelerated.

There is an application for accelerated naturalization specifically for permanent resident spouses of a U.S. citizen if that spouse with U.S. citizenship undertakes an assignment abroad on behalf of a U.S. employer. Processing times for the N-400 at the various USCIS offices can be found here. [^ 19] See Turfah v. United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, 845 F.3d 668 (6th Cir. 2017). While the extended absence of the United States alone is not conclusive evidence of abandonment of LPR status, the length of a longer absence is an important factor.

The more time an LPR spends outside the U.S., the harder it is for the LPR to show its intention to return to the U.S. to live permanently in the U.S. as an LPR. [35] LPR`s visit outside the United States is expected to end in a relatively short period of time. [36] If unforeseen circumstances result in an unavoidable delay in return, the trip will remain temporary as long as the LPR continues to intend to return once its original purpose of the visit has been achieved. A single annual visit to the U.S. for residents outside the U.S. does not preserve LPR status. [37] Learn how to get a green card to become a permanent resident, check the status of your green card case, bring a foreign spouse to live in the United States.

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All Love`s Legal

Planningtorock`s message about gender equality and sexual freedom on All Love`s Legal seems simple and outdated at first. But in 2014, the simplest messages are often the most urgent. Western media coverage of the Oympics in Sochi drew attention to Russian violence and anti-gay legislation. But we also share a planet with at least five countries where even vaguely defined homosexual behavior deserves the death penalty. Jam Rostron, the multimedia artist behind Planningtorock, sings “You can`t illegalize love” on the title track of All Love`s Legal. This slogan may fit on a t-shirt, but it`s not necessarily a bad thing. Nuance does not translate so well today. Some critics, such as Suarez and Chad Parkhill of The Quietus, have deemed it necessary in an era of global erosion of LGBTQ rights. [7] [4] Loud and Quiet explained, “Rostron knows that the best way to get your message across is to embrace the language of capitalism, that is, an instant, hook-heavy soundtrack filled with messages that quickly stay in your head; Gender is just a lie and falling in love with whoever you want are the coats of arms of [their] campaign. [44] 405 reporter Robert Whitfield called the repetition of slogans in the record “very effective, creating memorable lyrics that could easily serve as a battle cry.

The intention, as with an event, is not to offer solutions, but to make the question inevitable and to open the debate. In addition, “the exhilarating mix of rhythms and slogans creates something recognizable, but completely unique in the way it addresses themes that have been largely ignored – something Planningtorock finds strange given the roots of dance music in black and queer styles.” [45] Rostron`s musical work, a kind of arthouse, has always been an intelligent platform for direct intentions. Her debut album Have It All set up the little tools – violin, keyboards, drum machine, heavily edited vocals – that she would also use for her successor W. Aside from Rostron`s collaboration with the Knife, Tomorrow, in a year, she only improved in balance. On All Love`s Legal, she continues to refine by adding or subtracting rhythms and strings until she finds the right tension between her unambiguous genre politics and her unknown voice. Even artists who oppose the classification of genre and genre will adopt gender conventions when creating their music. Aside from the creator, the lyrics or even the voice, there is something that does not seem identifiable in All Love`s Legal. The instrumentation is neither pretty nor ugly, human or non-human, male or female. Instead of acting with identification (“I`m like you, you`re like me!”), Rostron opts for alienation. This is a bold strategy – the impersonality of music forbids anyone to reject the message and accept the messenger. There is no difference between the two. However, All Love`s Legal isn`t as dark as all that.

Behind their music hides an organic and humanistic ethic: we are all human beings, and we are all driven by the same passions and original charms. Planningtorock as a multimedia project strives to push this idea as far as possible. It is an unthinkable dance music sung by a dry and semi-digitized voice. It asks you to abandon the kind of categorical thinking that separates the man from the woman and the homosexual from the straight. It sounds like the kind of message that pop music has embraced. But instead of conveying that message in an instantly metabolized Treacle pop ballad or an arena-ready club anthem, Rostron`s music demands that you engage in what deeply rooted ways of thinking about gender and desire would actually feel – it doesn`t sound too comfortable, and it shouldn`t. (By the way, it`s the ocean that separates “Same Love” from Planningtorock`s “Public Love.”) Gender can be a “lie,” as Rostron sings on “Human Drama,” but it`s a lie that, for most people, is at the heart of our sense of self. So if we really want to come together, Rostron seems to be saying that we have to undo first.

All Love`s Legal was Planningtorock`s first album to be released after Rostron was released as a genderqueer and changed his name to Jam Rostron. [3] In order to promote and release All Love`s Legal, Rostron founded the Human Level label, which aimed to promote queer and female producers in the music industry. [2] In addition to the album`s production team and advertising photographers, composed exclusively of women, the production team for the music videos for the album`s songs was composed exclusively of women. [13] As Rostron explained, “I said for this [album] that I only wanted to work with women. The magazines come back and say we don`t know [photographers]. I think, well, can you go back and think about it for a minute? [13] As Jam Rostron`s W (2011) tour drew to a close in the summer of 2012, they noted that there were “some things I didn`t accomplish with,” as well as themes about social issues and their personal lives that, strangely, didn`t fit into the lyrics they had written. [13] [13] While Jam Rostron`s W (2011) tour touched on his social issues and their personal lives. [2] They intended their next album to consist of tracks that dealt with sensitive topics but were still accessible in some way; They first thought of writing a deep series of songs about social issues without worrying listeners, but this plan “didn`t translate” and they “came to the conclusion that if it`s a problem for people to talk about these topics, then that`s the problem.” [2] They went from the “subtle and poetic” presentation of political themes on W to more “direct” statements when writing the lyrics of their next album.

[3]. Sexy and sensual, LSDXOXO nails this EP in the best way.

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